perfume picture

I like the word 5R.
The story of the color wheel. 5R represents the so-called red.

When I was involved in product development at my previous job, one of my jobs was to measure colors and grasp the accumulation of commercialized colors and trends.
Anything called color was measured.
Lipsticks, eye shadows, mascara, solids, liquids, anything...
The numerical value was converted into data, and various information was read from it, which helped in product development.
Only the nuances of the pearl were different.

Pearl is a raw material that emits brilliance, and it also serves as a basis for color.
If large glitter pearls with a color tone contrary to the base color are blended, it will look like jewels scattered on the surface, and if fine pearls are used, it will be a discreet raw material that gives off a bright and transparent feeling on the eyelids.
Pearl's magic is elegant and captivating, and I was fascinated by the expression of nuances beyond numbers.

It has been 12 years since he started a bag brand after working for a cosmetics company.
Looking back, I've always been involved with women.
I think it was a very natural flow to create perfume this time.
The work of gradually focusing on the scent I imagined was very exciting every day as it reminded me of those days.

A German woman with emerald green eyes that seems to draw you in.
A Croatian woman with transparent golden hair.
An Italian woman who is proud of her tanned skin and freckles on vacation.
I made this fragrance while imagining such women.
One day, while I was working through trial and error, I discovered a scent with the nuances of pearls, but with the brilliance of jewels.

Memories and scents are connected.

Coquette designer Kyoko Hayashi (Released in November 2015)