About Coquette

Coquette adds the essence of a new design to traditional Japanese bag making techniques.

It is a bag for working women, expressing the charm of leather everywhere from the perspective of a female designer.

All Coquette products are made in Japan.

As a Japanese bag designer, I am proud of Japanese craftsmen.

Together with their delicate techniques, warmth, and high functionality, they give form to my designs.

Without them, Coquette bags would not be born.

I believe that it will surely resonate with the hearts of women all over the world.

About Coquette

coquette. my axel.

Pick up a bag to finish off your outfit.

Like being pushed on the back,

Like I got a light and strong wing,

sunny mood.

out on the town. scent. sound. sky color.

A cool face, a running heart.

this bag and i

share precious moments.

We continue on the same scenery.